Candy: How Justin Timberlake Got To Star Alongside Wife Jessica Biel

Musicians taking up movie roles is nothing novel. Most are able to combine both functions with ease. Sometimes, though, there are interesting stories about musicians electing to take up roles in movies. 

Justin Timberlake’s case is one such example. His wife Jessica Biel, who played the role of Candy Montgomery in the flick Candy, had given him her script to get his opinion. 

It is traditional for Jessica to ask his opinion on everything, so that wasn’t a big deal. After reading the script, he’d asked her who was playing a particular character, and she admitted she was unsure — maybe someone local, since the production doesn’t have the money to hire another big-name actor. 

Justin Timberlake told her there and then that he wanted to play the character. 

Justin wasn’t the online surprise appearance on the flick, however, as Jason Ritter also had a surprise role. Jason and Justin, police partners, share great chemistry, and it wasn’t lost on their wives. They commented on how good they worked together. And yes, it has led to a friendship. 

With his appearance on Candy, Justin Timberlake joins a few actors who have worked with their wives on the same flick. Another notable example is Sylvester Stallone. 

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