Cape Town Based Producer Bakai Will Take You On A Musical Journey

Cape Town-based producer, Bakai will take you on a journey with his music

Talented Cape Town-based music producer, Bakai will take you on a musical journey with his music.

It is just amazing to discover the diamonds in the rough in the music scene. Based in Cape Town, music producer, Bakai is one bundle of talent who lets his music speak for him. His very creative and brilliant mind is reflected in his impressive tunes.

According to his online profile, he makes the kind music that his listeners can dance to and dream to. It also goes on to say that he creates authentic dance music with dreamy vocals using various synthesizers and drum machines.

Apparently, his sound can be easily mistaken for Deep House because it shares similar elements of House music but features heavier sounds and drum samples. Bakai’s music is dreamy enough to make your mind travel far. He also does upbeat music which still achieves the same purpose for which his sound was created.

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