Cardi B Defends Husband, Offset’s Outfit

Grammy-winning American rapper, Cardi B has defended her husband, Offset’s questionable outfit.

Know this, if you’re going to come for Offset, Cardi B will drag you until there’s nothing left to drag. Cardi is not only known for her chart-topping hits but also for her insane clap backs. She never holds back when it comes to defending herself and the people she loves.

The unarguable fashion icon, who is married to rapper, Offset is her man’s biggest fan and defender. Their marriage has been going strong, and they never hold back to prove this to the prying eyes of the fans. On Valentine’s day last month, the star gifted her Chanel bags and a pricey Audemar watch.

Cardi recently came to her man’s defense after a tweep disrespected his style. A video of Offset performing his hit “Ric Flair Drip” recently hit the net and fans were not feeling his drip. He wore a white sweater with leather red pants and boots prompting a tweep to ask “man wtf do these n***as be wearing ??”.

In a deleted tweet, Cardi replied “He puttin that sh*t on !! Y’all talk sh*t first then these rappers start wearing it.” That’s Cardi calling her man a trendsetter.

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