Cardi B Defends “Rumors” Collaborator Lizzo

“Rumors” rapper is furious about her collaborator Lizzo’s recent body shaming by trolls and has lashed out at those responsible.

In a recent Live session, had spoken of how the negative comments about her weight was affecting her.

Cardi B, who was displeased by what had suffered in the hands of trolls, stood up for her friend. In a tweet, she noted that those who stand up for themselves are liable to be described as problematic and sensitive. And when you don’t, they simply savage you like they had done in Lizzo’s case.

And for those who are using Lizzo’s song to hide their body shaming antics, has equally harsh words. She described their actions as mean and racist, while informing that the song is going great on several platforms.

By the way, herself had been a victim of body shaming previously. She’s apparently grown a thick skin and now no longer gives a f what people think about her. She’s out for the coins and just the coins.

Well, what do you think of Cardi B’s tweets defending Lizzo? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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