Cardi B Exposes Celebrities For “Getting Paid” To Say They Have Corona Virus

Rumor has it that some celebrities are being paid to come out to say they tested positive for Coronavirus. The notion which had been a topic of discussions on major platforms was once again discussed by one of the biggest name in the rap scene, Cardi B.

Cardi B revealed she believes some of the celebrities are lying about getting the virus, as most of them are not showing symptoms. The rapper who has been ranting about the spread of the virus on her social media page, expressed her concern about how this is affecting how people think and when to get tested for the virus. She said earlier the one of the symptoms to watch out for was Coughing, now that most celebrities seems to be having it and not showing the symptoms, it all could be a lie.

American celebrities who have tested positive for the virus includes Tom hanks, Idris Elba among others.

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