Cardi B Facing Assault Charges After Microphone Throwing Incident

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American rapper Cardi B is facing assault charges following an incident when she threw her mic into the crowd while performing and it reportedly hit some members of the audience. 

A woman who was at the event and who climes the mic hit her is filling the charges against the songstress. It is unclear which of the women is filing the charges, as reports also indicate that the mic also bounced on another member of the audience. 

The mic throw wasn’t a random action, though. It appeared like a harmless response; only the mic didn’t reach the person it was intended to. 

During the said performance, the temperature was very high, and Cardi B asked members of the audience to throw water on her and the DJ to cool them off. One fan reportedly threw a drink at her from the audience and the songstress tossed her microphone at the drink thrower. 

Apparently it failed to reach its target but fell on another member of the audience, leading to the current assault charge. You can check out the video below.

Most of Cardi B’s fans have shown support for her amid the assault charges. It remains to be seen how the case will turn out.