Cardi B Glitters In Outfit by South Africa’s Gert Johan Coetzee

Controversial songstress has rocked a design from local designer Gert Johann Coetzee. She looked good in it.

The occasion was ‘s husband Offset’s birthday, and the songstress worn ‘s beaded skirt and corset.

On his Instagram page, the celebrated designer shared pictures of Cardi B rocking his designs in the company of Offset.

Given Cardi B’s standing in global pop, Coetzee has been receiving waves of congratulations from around the world. If a global pop figure like Cardi B should endorse his designs, some think he must be especially good as a designer.

By the way, on the occasion he had worn the design from the South African designer, had also gifted her husband a 2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ worth over $600k.

The American couple has had a breezy relationship but came close to divorcing this year. Cardi B had actually filed for divorce. Along the line, she decided to discontinue the case and embrace her husband again.

At the time many had thought he was divorcing Offset because of his philandering ways, but she denied it. Asked why she decided to return to him again, she said it was because of his pedunda.

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