Cardi B Launches “Cardi Tries” To Bring Happiness To Fans

Cardi B’s adventures continue with the launching of a new show dubbed “Cardi Tries.” The songstress is apparently trying – for herself and for her fans, who are eager for fresh content from her kitty.

launched “Cardi Tries” on Messenger yesterday 17 December 2020. It’s an eight-episode show produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment. In the first episode of the show, fans get to see the songstress fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

A report by Deadline indicates that the actress Michelle Rodriguez and NBA champ Damian Lillard will join the songstress in upcoming episodes of the show.

The motivation for the show might be the “WAP” rapper’s view that 2020 has been a dreary year for everyone around the world (thanks to the coronavirus pandemic). And she is determined the show should bring smiles and happiness to people, and they should have a great time watching it.

has been receiving great support from her fans since launching the show. Already, it is looking like the show is going to be a hit with most of them.

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