Cardi B New Single “UP” Drops This Friday

After sharing a teaser that had fans “ahing,” Cardi B is set to release the full song, titled “Up.” From the looks of things, the songstress is about to up her A game in the tradition of her chart-topping “WAP” tune with Megan Thee Stallion.

In a recent Instagram post, the American songstress indicated her song “UP” will be out this Friday – that’s exactly two days from now. Given the way she rounded off her post, it is clear she can’t wait to share the song with her fans.

The reception to her announcement has been overwhelming. Her post has been liked more than 2 million times, with fans indicating in the comments that they can’t wait to hear what she’s keeping in her kitty.

Will the imminent song bears as much thunder as her “WAP” track with Megan The Stallion? We can’t tell at this point, not having listened to it. But then we might bring the song to you on release. So you might want to keep a date with us.

Have you any expectations regarding Cardi B’s imminent “Up” song, though? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Do

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