Cardi B Returns To Offset, Gives Reasons

There’s great news for Cardi B ad Offset fans – speaking of fans of their union. They are getting back together…

Cardi B recently filed for divorce from the Migoss mate, citing “Irreconcilable difference.” Divorce papers had suggested there was no going back on the move for the dissolution of the marriage.

At the time news of the divorce broke, rumours had circulated online that she was divorcing him because he was a philanderer and was expecting a child with another woman. But she denied this, stating in Offset’s defence that he wasn’t expecting a child with another woman.

When Cardi B celebrated her birthday days ago, Offset bought her a Rolls Royce, which Cardi B received gratefully, in the company of friends and fans.

Thereafter, during a convivial evening with friends, a clip had circulated online showing Cardi B jumping onto Offset’s recumbent form and giving him a groin dance.

Whatever might have provoked a divorce in the first appears to have been resolved right now as the “WAP” rapper has revealed she’ll be getting back with Offset. The reason? The songster apparently has a premium pedunda. Check out the tweet below.

Well, what do you think about the reunion?

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