Cardi B’s Fans Warns Her About AKA and His Ways

Fans of Cardi B warns her about AKA as she sets to visit Mzansi.

Grammy-award-winning rapper, Cardi B, will be visiting South Africa for the first time for the Castle Lite Unlocks 2020 concert.

Chioma B (Cardi B), following the fact that she will be stepping foot into Mzansi for the first time, asked people to tell her more about South Africa. However, some people felt that warning about AKA should be one of the most important things that must be noted.

People took to social media to warn the American rapper to call her guards if AKA takes the chance to glance at her path. Some Nigerians have warned to call her security if she crosses path with the ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker, AKA.

Fans of the American rapper were very excited when Castle Lite Unlocks made an announcement last week that Cardi B would headline their International Music Concert for 2020. They also advised her on things she should look at for in Mzansi.

Cardi B, who has adopted the Nigerian name, Chioma, has never been to South Africa. However, she had a swell time when she visited Nigeria. Their vibe, food, and culture got her so impressed that she couldn’t stop talking about it. Now, the American rapper is so excited to visit another African country and share a different experience.

The Castle Lite Unlocks 2020 concert is scheduled to take place on the 12th of June at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. General tickets cost R690 while Golden Circle tickets cost R990.

AKA got shaded so much as Cardi B’s fans told her to take AKA with her to the US. Others suggested that her guards throw AKA out of the concert.





Multi-award winning rapper, AKA, hasn’t really gotten a positive headline this year. From calling it quits for the second time with his baby DJ Zinhle to postponing the Fees Must Fall Mega Concert and posting random flames on his social media pages, AKA has really gotten into the bad book of many people and they are coming to attack him in various ways.

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