Cardi B’s Lunch Pack For Daughter Kulture Provokes Debate On Healthy Eating

What constitutes healthy eating? The debate about this has been on for as long as one can remember and it is doubtful it would go away anytime soon. Cardi B has just added some fuel to that debate leading to a fire of sorts on social media.

What really happened?

Known for always sharing about her kids and her family with fans online. Cardi B did it again, this time giving fans glimpses into what the lunch she prepared for her daughter Kulture. The images she shared provoked mixed reactions among her fans.

Some tweeps felt that the lunch she packed for her daughter Kulture was too much for her and there was no way she could possibly consume everything. And since it was too much, the tendency for her to overeat was there – another problem in itself.

And some others felt that the food she actually packed for the kid was just plain unhealthy and she ought to have been given something else and of a smaller portion.

And yet, some insisted that the lunch pack was healthy, after all, it contained kiwifruit and the superfood broccoli. Below are the images that provoked that debate.

Cardi B was not exactly into that debate at the time of writing. Thoughts?

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