Cassper Agrees That SA Hip Hop Turned Its Back On Him

Legendary South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest agrees that the South African Hip Hop community turned its back on him.

The respected rapper didn’t exactly originate the thought in this regard but retweeted something along that line when a fan pointed it out.

Cassper Nyovest is easily one of the top names when it comes to rap and music generally in South Africa. He is well respected and even if though had been involved in altercations with some of the big names on the scene, he still holds his own, speaks his mind and that, he believes rubbed off wrongly on some people.

About the industry turning their back at him, a fan tweeted:

Yeah because the “HipHop Game” turned their backs on @casspernyovest so many times, homie was living with his back against the wall. So here with piano, theres no kwaals & no gate keepers which opens room for creativity and banging music.

Cassper Nyovest seemed to agree with him as he retweeted it and then followed up with his own tweet that slammed those who benefited from what he built but would not acknowledge him.

In the end, the industry may indeed have turned their backs on him but his fans stay resolute and continue to push him to be better.

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