Cassper Believes He Can Beat Big Zulu

SA Hip Hop star Cassper Nyovest believes he can win Big Zulu after witnessing his fight with Brian Dings.

We might all be anticipating the fight of all fights. Cass already has a two-time winning streak, and Big Zulu just knocked out a good opponent Brian Diggs in minutes. This means that the Cass and Zulu fight will be something to look forward to.

Cassper was in attendance at Big Zulu’s fight, and he opened up about how it made him fight. He revealed that he’s even more confident about fighting the “Mali Eningi” star now. He said,

Of course, I came here to watch him fight and I wanted to see what he got, I’m actually more confident now to fight him even after the knockout,” Cassper said. “I think he’s exactly what I thought he would be, a big puncher, always relying on his right. The fight was short but I think it’s exactly what I thought he would be.”

He also spoke about Zulu’s weight “Im not too considerate about the weight, I think I trust my skills and he could be as heavy as he wants to be. In fact, I think that would actually work to my advantage if he is heavier.”

Cassper hinted at one more fight, scheduled to happen after his match with Big Zulu. “There are two fights right now we’re negotiating, I’ve got a very big big fight that we’re negotiating, we’re busy with the contracts. I think that would be the biggest fight I’ve ever made and the biggest fight in African boxing for a long time. If that comes together I will do that first, but that might take long so I might do the Zulu first and do that fight.”

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