Cassper Nyovest Drops 7th Studio Album, “Solomon”

South African rap sensation, Cassper Nyovest, has once again proven his mettle in the music industry with the release of his seventh studio album, “Solomon”. Released on September 15, the album has quickly become a topic of discussion among fans and critics alike, receiving a flurry of positive online reviews within hours of its debut.

The album, which showcases Nyovest’s signature blend of rhythmic beats and poignant lyrics, has been described as a reflection of the rapper’s growth and evolution as an artist. With tracks that range from introspective ballads to energetic anthems, “Solomon” offers a diverse musical experience that resonates with both long-time fans and new listeners.

One of the standout features of the album is its limited guest appearances, emphasizing Nyovest’s ability to hold his own as a solo artist. However, it’s worth noting that Maglera Doe Boy is the only featured artist on the album. Additionally, in a surprising revelation, it was confirmed that renowned rapper, Nasty C, contributed to the album, further elevating its status in the hip-hop community.

Several tracks from “Solomon” have already started to gain traction, with fans and critics highlighting their favorites. Songs like “Bashimane”, “Who Jah Bless”, and “018” featuring Maglera Doe Boy, have been particularly noted for their catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics.Cassper Nyovest Drops 7Th Studio Album, &Quot;Solomon&Quot; 2Cassper Nyovest Drops 7Th Studio Album, &Quot;Solomon&Quot; 3Cassper Nyovest Drops 7Th Studio Album, &Quot;Solomon&Quot; 4Cassper Nyovest Drops 7Th Studio Album, &Quot;Solomon&Quot; 5Cassper Nyovest Drops 7Th Studio Album, &Quot;Solomon&Quot; 6Cassper Nyovest Drops 7Th Studio Album, &Quot;Solomon&Quot; 7

The album’s release was not just a musical event but also a visual spectacle. The artwork for “Solomon” was styled by Windows 2000, with photography by Lakhe 91 Photography. Cassper Nyovest himself took on the role of Art Director, ensuring that the album’s visual representation was as impactful as its auditory experience.

The album has been released under the labels Universal Music (Pty) Ltd South Africa & Family Tree Records, further solidifying Nyovest’s position in the music industry. As fans continue to delve into the depths of “Solomon”, it’s clear that Cassper Nyovest has delivered yet another masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come.


Track Number Song Title
1 Bashimane
2 Who Jah Bless
3 Balmain
4 Ever Changing Times
5 Candlelight
6 Chomie Lover Friend (Ft. Alie Keys, Nobantu Vilakazi & Windows 2000)
7 Beautiful Mind
8 After 10
9 018 (Ft. Maglera Doe Boy)
10 It’s Not The Same
11 Blow Your Lungs

In related news, Cassper Nyovest recently shared insights about the production costs and efforts behind “Solomon” in a candid interview, giving fans a glimpse into the dedication and passion that went into creating the album.

With “Solomon”, Cassper Nyovest has not only added another feather to his cap but has also set the bar high for future releases. As the album continues to make waves, it’s evident that the South African rapper’s reign in the music world is far from over.


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