Cassper Nyovest Gets Trolled As #CassperFinallyRetires Trends

Multi-talented South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest, knows that with success comes hatred. He has experienced a similar hatred when #CassperFinallyRetires started to trend on social media. This was in spite of the fact that the talented rapper gave no intentions about retiring anytime soon.

The ‘Good For That’ hitmaker even released the music video for his hit song with Tweezy titled ‘Amademoni.’

Mufasa dealt with these haters in a smart way when #CassperFinallyRetires started to trend for no reason.

Some social users ganged up on the multi-award-winning rapper as they stated that Cassper Nyovest should retire because he produces whack music.

A Twitter user wrote:

I don’t like Cassper’s music, even if he had a feature with Jesus.

Another user tweeted:

The biggest mistake (you all) made was comparing him to AKA, while he couldn’t even match Ifani.

However, Cassper Nyovest has responded to his haters with a taste of class and dignity. First of all, the talented rapper retweeted what a supportive fan has said to his haters. The fan had advised his trolls to concentrate on other things instead of yearning for Cassper to fall.

The fan wrote:

I see people are throwing share at Cassper Nyovest. Well, at least he has done something productive with his life. Can we discuss your assets, net worth compared to his and how many of you still live under your parents’ roofs??? Stop hating and take notes.

Cassper Nyovets finally responded to his haters by cryptically quoting a line from a religious hymn.

Mufasa tweeted:

Lord, please hear your children’s prayers when they speak with you.

Cassper Nyovest definitely has no plans to retire soon. The rapper recently celebrated the success of his recently released music video for ‘Amademoni’ which garnered over a hundred thousand views in just one day.

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