Cassper Nyovest Makes Fun Of AKA For Deleting Boxing Match Contract

Family Tree boss has mocked his rival for deleting the boxing match contract he shared with his Twitter followers a day ago.

had shared the contract yesterday, letting his millions of Twitter followers know that he had signed it (his signature was brushed from view), while mocking for not having done the same.

In a tweet, had returned the mockery, stating that the contract shared with fanfare online will return to the drawer because it wasn’t real. He said really doesn’t want to fight him. In that case, he would focus on other things, like playing FIFA with his best friend Carpomore and talking gibberish with his newborn son Simba.

Following this tweet, AKA had apparently deleted the boxing contract he shared on Twitter. noticed and turned to AKA again with new mordant missiles. He mocked AKA for deleting his tweet about having signed the contract.

He added that AKA was only interested in club brawls. Cassper Nyovest insists he wouldn’t fall for the club brawl thing as it would damage his brand, which he had spent years creating. You can check out his post below.

Would the pair still have a day in the sing?

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