Cassper Nyovest On Claims He Can’t Rap Following Release Of “Solomon” Album

“Solomon” was one of the most anticipated albums in South Africa this year. With its release came a storm of opinions on the man behind it, Cassper Nyoest, and on the project itself. Some of the opinions are not exactly positive.

For instance, some people are claiming that the album in fact shows that Cassper Nyovest cannot rap. But what does the rapper himself think about peoples’ opinions of him? He shared that recently.

The songster appeared indifferent to the criticism that he cannot rap. He noted that paying attention to haters was unfair to those who actually love one. He describes it as a waste of time – the same time one could have used to engage lovers of one’s art.

And no, that does not mean that he accepted the verdict that he can’t rap. He made it clear that he can rap – “period.” And people’s negative opinion of his rapping abilities does not take that away from him. This position was in reaction to a fan who had wondered on Twitter (now X) why people say he can’t rap. You can check out the conversation below.

Cassper Nyovest On Claims He Can'T Rap Following Release Of &Quot;Solomon&Quot; Album 2

Cassper Nyovest released “Solomon” on the same day as his compatriot Nasty C, with whom he also went on a promotional tour.

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