Cassper Nyovest Speaks To Men Against Having Sexual Relationship With Every Attractive Woman They Meet

SA Hip Hop star Cassper Nyovest advises men against sleeping with every attractive woman they meet.

Cassper Nyovest recently shared some advice to men willing to take it. He posted a video where he adviced men against having sex with every attractive woman they meet.

He said,

“Good morning y’all, today I wanna talk about s*x. I know this sounds funny but there’s a message that I’ve always wanted to share with my brothers who might be on the same journey as me,” Cassper said.

He also spoke based on his own experience,

“My experience with what I’ve learnt about you know our relationship with sex and our relationship with women that we meet. We lose out on a lot of beautiful experiences or beautiful friendships because we want to have sex with every attractive woman that we meet.”

“We want to have sex with every woman who is interested in us, who wants to have a conversation with us which we find interesting or attractive. And we dont know how much we lose on, for instance, you meet someone at a party or a library, wherever, at the mall and something is attracting you to her.”

Watch the video below.

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