Cassper Proposes Who The Best African Performer Is Besides Burna Boy

Even though the Doc Shebeleza rapper has been praised for his excellent live performances, he did not nominate himself as one of the top African artists. This happened when a Twitter user claimed that Burna Boy is the best African artist when it comes to live performances.

“Nobody in comes close to Burna boy when it comes to stage performances!” the tweet read. Leaving Burna Boy out of the conversation, Cassper said that he would have preferred to pick himself, but that P-Square is the best live act.

“The rapper in me would like to say myself but I know I can’t outperform P squared. P squared is the best African act of our Time.” wrote Cassper in his tweet reply.

Cassper Nyovest continued in a subsequent tweet to make it clear that he had nothing against Burna Boy and asked followers to refrain from criticizing him for choosing P Square over Burna Boy. “Yall know I’m biggest Burna Boy fan. Don’t even try start rubbish.” was Cassper’s rejoinder.

In addition to being one of the top artists in Nigeria, Burna Boy has had a big impact on South African hip-hop. was among the South African rappers who the Nigerian superstar commended.

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