Cassper Reacts To Boohle’s “Disappointing” Statement On Siyathandana

SA Hip Hop star, reacts to Boohle’s disappointing statement about their song “Siyathandana”.

Many weeks back, and topped the charts and dominated the airwaves with their collaborated “Siyathandana”. The song turned out to be a huge hit, earning praise from virtually everyone.

However, in a recent sit down with Mac G on his “Podcast And Chill”, decided to spill more tea on how the show was made. She revealed that Cass didn’t write the song (which he never claimed he did). According to her, he only came with his verse.

She stated “he didn’t even write anything on that song. He only came with his verse. I wasn’t even there”. Reacting to Boohle’s statement about it, Cass called it “so disappointing” and refused to explain how the song was written. He also expressed his love for calling her a “gentle soul”, and wished her many more hits.

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