Cassper Reflects On Delivering His First Sermon

South African rapper Cassper Nyovest continues on his journey as a born-again, with new insights about the word and an experience to share about delivering his first sermon.

A while back South Africans were stunned by the news that the songster had become born again. Some even laughed it off at the time and even gave a timeline for him to expose himself as the same person – unchanged.

Well, Cassper Byovest solidified his commitment to the things of God by getting baptised. But he wasn’t done just yet. Each day is, for him, another opportunity to strengthen his walk of faith.

He is famous as a rapper. Nut what about the preaching part? Well, the songster recently delivered his sermon and shared about the same on his Instagram page.

he even picked a verse his pastor showed him about God not necessarily picking the qualified but qualifying them after picking them. You can check out the post below.

His post resonated with some of his fans, who encouraged him in worse to keep on pushing. Cassper’s new life has also affected his choices as he no longer does what he used to do, including reckless philandering. Not bad, one might say.

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