Cassper Replies Tweep Who Asked If He Thinks He’s On The Same Level As Drake

Cassper hilariously replies tweep who asked if he thinks he is on the same level with Drake

Tweep asks if thinks he is on the same level with and he hilariously replies.

We think it is safe to say that Mzansi rappers, and are two of the best celebs on right now. Their candid opinions and witty replies make everyone’s day.

You’d be a fool to call them out, because you’d definitely be shamed. Cassper had the best reply for a tweep who tried to put him in a corner with a very tricky question. The tweep had tweeted at him asking if he thought he was on the same level as Canadian rapper, who is obviously the biggest rapper in the world.

Replying, Mufasa said he doesn’t think he is on the same level with Drake, saying he is just and Drizzy is the biggest popstar in the world. That ought to shut the tweep up for good.