Cassper Says Set The Pace For Reason’s Amapiano Journey But Reason Disagrees

SA Hip Hop star, Cassper Nyovest says he set the pace to Reason’s recent journey into Amapiano, but Reason disagrees.

In case you didn’t know, Cass is having the time of his life calling out all the people who criticized him for leaving the Hip Hop scene for Amapiano. Well, Mzansi loves a good karma story, and that’s what’s going down with Cass and Reason.

The “Good For That” star recently had a conversation with his fans on Twitter, and it centered on all the rappers who criticized him now joining the Piano train. Of course, the Mzansi star wasted no time in telling his fans that he’s the “truth and the pulse”. According to him, he’s “so connected to the culture, he can’t set a foot wrong”.

He went on to tell his fans that he always gets criticized in the beginning but his critics usually always follow suit. He ended it by saying that it doesn’t matter, and the rappers either “adapt or die”. This all stems from when Cass first dropped a Piano jam. Among many rappers who criticised the move was the “Satan O’wele” rapper who was so vocal about it.

Of course, Reason was not having it. The newly named Sizwe Alakine basically called Mufasa’s tweet “Utter Nonsense”. He went on to call Cass’ move of saying things about people to get reactions from them “so 2015”. He also adviced him to go “make music or focus on fighting Prince Kaybee” and just leave him alone.

Well, the internet never forgets because Tweeps took Cassper’s side this time. Reason was called out for his shots at the “Amademoni” star years back. Of course, he was also criticized for doing the exact same thing he slammed Mufasa in the past for. Hit the comments section and share your thoughts on this.

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