Cassper Talks Nasty C Feature On “Solomon” Album

For fans of Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C, there is a piece of good news, as the former has formally confirmed that the latter would be a featured artist on his imminent “Solomon” album.

The “Solomon” project is one of the most intensely anticipated in South Africa at the moment, as it marks a new phase in the creative life of the man who has put it together.

Cassper is currently on a music tour with Nasty C. As part of the tour, he granted an interview where he was asked several questions, including whether Nasty C was featured on the project.

Responding to the question, he noted that the songster was indeed featured in the project. He, however, clarified that it might not be easily spotted by most people.

To get the Nasty C verse, fans would have to listen carefully. He likened himself to an artist who needed a certain paintbrush on his canvas, and Nasty C delivered just that. Of course, he is happy with the outcome.

The two rappers are not only on a joint tour dubbed “African Throne,” but they have also decided to release their albums on the same day. And fans are so looking forward to that moment.

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