Cassper Thinks The Lockdown Won’t Stop The Corona Virus. Here’s Why

Why Cassper thinks the upcoming lockdown wont stop the spread of the Coronavirus

Cassper Nyovest believes the scheduled lockdown wont stop the spread of the Coronavirus, check out his reasons.

It has been crazy all over the world and also in Mzansi. The spread of the Coronavirus has led to a lot of deaths and it seems unending with all the deaths we hear about. Recently, the president announced a 21-day lock down all over South Africa starting from Thursday, 26th March 2020.

While many believe that this would help control and stop the spread of the virus, SA Hip-hop star, Cassper Nyovest. In his opinion, it would only slow it down but it would still spread.

Taking to his Twitter account, Mufasa revealed that the country would have been safe from the disease if the 10 brothers who came back from Italy hadn’t entered the country.

He revealed that the virus was already in the country and no one knew. In his own words, “Cory would have been spreading and no one even knew”

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