Cassper Wants To School Keri Hilson For “Misguided” Tweet About Coronavirus In Africa

Cassper offers to school Keri Hilson for her misguided tweet about Coronavirus in Africa

Cassper Nyovest offers to school American star, Keri Hilson for her misguided tweet on Coronavirus in Africa.

The Coronavirus has been spreading all over the world but scientists are shocked at how much it hasn’t really affected Africa. Some have attributed it to the presence of Melanin in the African skin, but a certain ‘someone’ isn’t buying that.

In case you’re wondering why everyone in Africa is suddenly talking about American singer, and actor, Keri Hilson, here’s why. The singer recently took to Twitter to share her views on why the virus isn’t affecting Africans so much. According to her, it has nothing to do with the melanin in their skins, rather, it is because Africans have not so many 5G spots.

Her views, of course, didn’t sit well with many including Mufasa. Replying her, the rapper asked Keri to “come home” so he’d school her over some proper dinner. He also told her to delete the tweet.

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