Castle Lite Brings Cardi B To Mzansi In 2021

There’s big news for lovers of American rapper . the “WAP” muso is coming to South in 2021 .

Beer brand Castle Lite announced the coming of the musician in a recent update on social media. Actually the songstress was initially scheduled to perform in South this year, but the coronavirus pandemic intruded, forcing a deferment in date.

No qualms. She might have missed it this year, but then she’ll be around next year. 2021 is just in the corner. 2020 has been a mixed year for . her collaborative single with , titled “WAP,” was an instant hit, giving her a new record.

Also, she had provoked quite a bit of drama when she filed for divorce from her husband and fellow rapper . Court documents had indicated their differences were irreconcilable.

However, after her birthday days ago, she indicated she might be returning to her husband. And no, it wasn’t because he gifted her a Rolls Royce when she celebrated her birthday and not because of his money. She indicated she is returning to him because of his member and will only leave him when she gets tired of it.

Well, what do you think, peeps?

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