Caulk – Explaining Today’s Wordle That Stumped Players

Today’s Wordle had players stumped. What, exactly, is caulk?  Well, that was what many players of the New York Times game were asking recently.

If you were among those who were stumped by the word, you’re in luck. There have been some interesting selections for the five-letter puzzle since the New York Times acquired it.

And today’s was no different. Players were puzzled to see five green squares appear after putting letters into the grid – not knowing its meaning

But then caulk is not some random coinage. Caulk is already accepted by lexicographers. It is a material used to seal points or joints to prevent leakage in piping and structures.

Wordle is a new game but has already snapped international attention, and its user base is ever-increasing. The New York Times had acquired it from its original developer, Josh Wardle.

The game is available on the web and can be played via the New York Times website. Its availability only on the New York Times website is thought to be a way to not only get more traffic on the site but to keep users glued and entertained.

Hopefully, y’all are no longer stumped and are ready for the next tricky Wordle run.

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