Celebrate That Curve – Lizzo Launching Shapewear Line called Yitty

has “no shame,” and she’s launching new shapewear called Yitty to show that.

The songstress is trolled sporadically because of her shape. But she’s now learning to draw strength from within and not give space to those who want to fat-shame her.

has “no shame,” and her critics had better know that and buzz off. She’s taking the message of plus-size women out there: I am what I am, and you have to respect me for who I am.

Her show, Watch Out for the Big Girls, was a spectacular success on Prime Video United States and was a great inspiration to many women. This much was evident from the reactions to the show.

She’s taking things further with her Yitty launch. However, the Yitty line isn’t just for plus-size ladies. Instead, is keen to run a democracy of curves – with something from the Yitty brand for all shapes. The key is for the ladies to celebrate their curves, whatever the shape.

On Yitty, specifically, she had noted, it’s a “no-shame, smile-inducing shapewear designed for all body types.”

So if you feel out of place because of your shape, ’s Yitty is out to give you all the confidence you can ever ask for. It’s “no shame” season, peeps.

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