Celebrated Singer & Actor Harry Belafonte Dead At 96

It would be the dream of many to live up to 96, but of course, not everyone getsbroblive up to that age. So for those who make it, there are many reasons to celebrate. Celebrated actor Harry Belafonte teched the threshold recently, but death intruded soon after.

The entertainer reportedly died of congestive heart failure yesterday, Tuesday, April 25. His publicist confirmed the death and gave the location of his death as his home in New York.

Harry’s career spanned decades, and by the time he died, he had won almost every important scudetto on the table, including an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony award — collectively called the EGOT.

In his acting, he stood out for his style and charisma, which endeared him to many viewers around the States and beyond.

When the news of his death broke online, it provoked a storm of recollection with tweeps Recalling some of their best moments in the flicks he had acted in. Sadly they would not get to see him again and would now have to make do with what’s already been created.

For Harry Belafonte, it might be said that he came, he saw, he conquered. Details of his funeral will be out shortly.

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