Celebrity Boxing: Big Zulu’s Photos With Personal Trainer Leaves Mzansi With Many Questions

April is just a few weeks away, and expectations are high over South African rapper Big Zulu’s planned fight. The musician has been sharing clips and images from his training session for the fight. His most recent post, though, appeared to have gained much more traction.

The pictures he shared showed him in the company of his trainer – a lady. She carried a handbag and wore flip-flops, which intrigued South Africans and provoked many questions about the man, the fight, and the trainer.

According to some South Africans, the lady does not appear to be like one trainer a boxer. She doesn’t look attired for a fight or to train a fighter. You can check out the pictures below.

One person who hasn’t said anything about the whole public scrutiny is Big himself. The songster appeared more focused on the match than on what most people are saying about him and his preparation for it.

Interestingly, even though it is just weeks to the match, his opponent has not been revealed yet. Initially, it was thought that he would be fighting in what would be another version of celebrity boxing. However, their body language right now does not indicate that the fighters for April.

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