#CelebrityBoxing: Siv Ngesi Challenges Big Zulu

Siv Ngesi is challenging Inkabi Records boss Big Zulu to a boxing match in the spirit of the #CelebrityBoxing hashtag, which is currently trending in South Africa.

Big Zulu already has a match scheduled with bolobedu house maestro King Monada. Although his body language indicates he doesn’t want do fight but someone else, it appears King Monada is not giving up on the fight with Big Zulu just yet.

At any rate, it appears like Big Zulu has got a new match mate, Siv Ngesi having indicated his interest in sparring with the “Imali Eningi” hit maker.

Siv Ngesi made his intentions to fight Big Zulu known via Twitter. The media personality is so confident of a win that, according to him, the only he would have is in deciding what round he would knock Big Zulu out in.

As expected, fans of the two famous figures are already giving reasons why the one or the other would be victorious in the ring when they match.

Well, what do you think of Siv Ngesi challenging Big Zulu to a boxing match in the spirit of the #CelebrityBoxing hashtag? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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