Celebs, Fans Celebrate With Sophie Ndaba Lichaba As She Reintroduces Herself – Watch

It appears to be a season of recovery for South African actress Sophie Ndaba, as she makes a formal return to social media with a post reintroducing herself. Of course, she is not an obscure figure. But there is a story – a painful one – and a former life that she would not want to go back into.

It is gone, a new life and story blooming in its place. This is what she wants to focus on, hence the reintroduction.

By her account, she lost her career, her finances, her business, everything. She also got divorced in 2021 and appeared to have reached the end of her journey, with nothing working for her. She even recalled weighing as little as 42 kg at the time she left her marriage.

It is 2023 now, and a lot has happened in her life. There have been restorations in multiple areas and the actress is happy for the progress recorded so far. Now, she’s confident enough to motivate others who might be going through what she went through. “God has the last word.”

Yes, God, and not some adversary or former partner and whatever. You can check out her post below.

Fans and celebs alike thronged her comment section to celebrate with her.

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