Celeste Ntuli Pays Homage to Brenda Fassie In Imminent Comedy Show

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It has been said that memories are forever, and we often see this manifest as people long dead are remembered for their contribution to the lives of those around them, society, and the world as a whole.

Brenda Fassie is one woman who has had a great impact in the world before her untimely death. She was remembered again recently by the South African comedienne Celeste Ntuli, who hosting a show, Celeste Ntuli and Da Big Dudes, dedicated to her.

The show was pout together not only to celebrate the iconic singer but to celebrate Celeste Ntuli’s birthday as well. The show, which has the backing of BET and Comedy Centrral, is not a solo affair, as the spnstress has got a lineup featuring other comedians.

In all, fans should expect to have a full comedy course, with each comediac adding some comedic seasoning to the mix.

Brenbdsa Fassie is not the only lady honoured by the show, however, the collective that part of the show’s name references stands honoured as well. Celete Ntuli shared about the show in an Instagram post which you can check out below.

Wherever Brenda Fassie is right now, if she could see the living, she would certainly be pleased with the knowledge her legacy still hums.