Cell C Users React To Loss of Network & Cost

Cell C users in Mzansi have lament their inability to access browser network signal aftering subscribing for data, and the increase in data prices.

You may have noticed Cell C in the trends today. The mobile network is currently gaining complaints from its subscribers for various reasons. Some users have complained about the high cost of buying data on the network while others have complain their inability to access network after buying data.

Social Media has since been flooded with reactions to this. The network has also been responsive replying to their subscribers and trying to assist them in solving the issues.

After the network shared their Home Connect Flexi Lyte Bundles, a user commented that they had changed the packages to make them more expensive than they once were. In reply, Cell C revealed that the bundle he asked about was decommissioned and so is no longer available. Check out the tweets below.

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