“Champ” – Basetsana Kumalo Celebrates Son Graduating From Michaelhouse

It is the dream of every good parent to see their children become successful. Of course, when that dream is realised, celebration follows. That is exactly the story of Basetsana Khumalo, a former beauty queen, whose son Nkosinathi recently graduated from Michaelhouse.

It was a proud moment for the former beauty queen, who was more than happy to hear just how excited she was sit see her son graduate after spending years at school.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, she shared slides of her son in which she traced his odyssey to study at the prestigious institution. By her own account, it was Nkosinathi’s decision to study there. He opted for Michaelhouse after doing his own research.

Of course, his parents were more than happy to support his dreams at the time. He was only 13 but he already knew where he wanted to study. She encouraged him to go and win in every space, affirming this she and her husband are proud of him, their “Champ.”

Mzansi thronged the comments to celebrate the kid and his success, as well as wish him more wins in his future plans. As the saying goes, some mothers have them.

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