Channel O Lockdown House Party Season 2 Lineup (Fri, 5th-Sat, 6th) February 2021

Channel O Lockdown House Party, Season 2 (Friday, 5th-Saturday, 6th) Lineup Features TNS, Transmicsoul, Shimza, Christos, Ralf Gum, Trev The Japanese, NV Funk, Mleistar, Culoe De Song, Spiga, Eno Soul and Lash T

The Lockdown House Party of DJ Shimza and friends continues and Mzansi is excited, and rightly so. The party started just in time to redeem South Africa from the boredom spawned by the coronavirus and the corresponding locking down of the country.

Things may have improved a bit, with vaccines for the coronavirus now available, but the party continues. This Friday – as in today – there is a Lockdown House Party scheduled, with the likes of Enosoul, NV Funk, Culoe De Song, Lash T, Spiga and Mleistar schedule to entertain South Africa all evening.

Artistes and their set for Lockdown House Party Friday 5 March

18:00: Spiga

19:00: Lash T

20:00: Mleistar⁣

21:00: Enosoul

22:00: @Culoe De Song⁣

23:00: @NV Funk

The Lockdown House Party of tomorrow 6 March 2021 begins at the same time as the one of today Friday: at 6pm or 1800hrs and ends at the same time: 12 midnight.

The lineup for satuday’s party is different, however. For Saturday, DJ Shimza, the mastermind of the party, will rule the waves with the likes of Trancemicsoul, TNS, Trev The Japanese Christos, and Ralf Gum

Channel O Lockdown House Party Season 2 Lineup (Fri, 5Th-Sat, 6Th) February 2021 2

It’s a virtual party which the public can follow by tuning to channel Oin the ays specified. Are you looking forward to the party? Let us know in the comment section below.

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