Charlamagne Tha God Reacts To MacG’s Interview With Ari Lennox

Amid the controversy over the explicit questions he put to singer Ari Lennox during an interview that provoked outrage from sections of social media, podcast host MacG has received support from America’s Charlamagne Tha god.

Charlamagne Tha god has an equally explicit interview style for which he has been denounced previously. So, to some social media users, his support for the South African podcaster is nothing surprising.

MacG had irked many during his interview with Ari Lennox when he asked her, during a discussion of one of the American singer’s explicit songs, if someone was sleeping with her at the time. The question mirrored the lyrics in the said song.

Miffed, Ari Lennox had shared a series of tweets noting that she felt violated. American Twitter came to her support, as did a section of South African Twitter.

MacG wasn’t alone, though. Sections of Mzansi Twitter came to his defense. While not outrightly condemning MacG, Charlemagne noted that he would rather counsel MacG than cancel him.

Continuing, he noted that it’s not what is said but how it’s said that leads to conflict. Many thought that made sense. At least, Charlamagne Tha god himself had been saying shit in better ways.

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