Charlize Theron Dragged For Dressing Adopted Son As A Girl

Actress Charlize Theron has come under fire for dressing her adopted son Jackson Theron as a girl. A picture of the actress and Jackson together, with the kid rocking female clothes, recently popped online, and netizens were stunned by it all.

Some tweeps denounced Theron outright for her action, with some asking why she didn’t adopt a female if indeed she wanted a kid who would be wearing female attire. She isn’t the first Hollywood actress to “misrepresent” the gender of an adopted child, though. and it is doubtful she would be the last.

Hollywood is changing. The world is changing, and there are those who are averse to some aspects of this change because they consider them repugnant and against the design of nature.

back in 2019, Theron claimed that her son Jackson had told her at the age of three that he identifies as a girl. So, her decision was made to align with what the child had told her. Only, most members of the public refused to buy her claims about what the kid had told her.

As far as some are concerned, Jackson was way too young to even determine that he is this or that. Would time change anything? Stay tuned.

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