Check Out Black Adam Official Trailer 1

The world needed a hero, and it got Black Adam. Those were the words of the makers of the movie mentioned in a post on their verified Instagram channel.

They also shared a teaser of what is to come. Dwayne Johnson will be popping in there as an anti-hero. He would have been on the flick much earlier, but a couple of changes ensured he didn’t appear then. His role was scrapped.

But the celebrated actor gave a clue he was still in the circle when, I. 2021, he shared a snippet of his character breaking out of detention after about 5000 years in the slammer.

He would comment that the character and the film’s universe have been a great passion of his. He may have played many characters in different movies, but Johnson feels he was actually born to play Black Adam.

The reception for his post back then was rapturous. But it cannot be compared to the excitement the Black Adam official trailer is currently generating.

If you’re consumed with curiosity about the trailer, you’re not alone. You’ve got the assurance of something exciting, so go ahead and check it out below. Black Adam is as alive as you can imagine.

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