Check Out December 2022 Gomora Teasers

December is here, and expectations are already here for fans of the popular soapie Gomora. The new month comes with it teasers that will give fans clues, at least, of what might be expected in new episodes of the soaraway series.

Expectedly, there is palpable excitement among fans, some of whom have stormed social media to share their expectations.

Today, December 1, there’s a lot to look forward to, as Mazet’s inner demon is unleashed. Is anyone safe? Your guess might be as good as wine, assuming you have been paying attention. There is no teaser available for December 2 (episode 160). So fans should as well keep their eyes peeled for whatever happens.

There is much drama to be expected after that as Zibuko unveils his unsavoury, harassing {retty for the weekend’s takings. For her part, Sibongile is now with child – confirmed pregnant.

Episode 162 sees Zibuko convincing Mazet to take her crown and rule. Sibongile, still nuring her pregnancy, dinds out that Scara has been arrested.

In episode 163, the “alliance” of Zibuko and Mazet gain more strength as both claim more territory.

The teasers run for much of the month. But then, as someone had noted, nothing compares to the full flick.

This is Gomora.

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