Check Out L-Tido’s Epic Stage Fall Video

L-Tido shares stage fall video

L-Tido’s stage fall video will leave you shocked.

The problem with live performances is that so much could go wrong even when you least expect it to. No one wants that but it does happen and the artists have to get up and keep going.

From Mzansi artists to international ones literally every live performer has a story of something that happened to them on stage. Mzansi rapper, L-Tido is one of them. The rapper once had his own share of stage mishaps and has revealed that he’s still in pains from it. We don’t know if he’s serious or joking around.

He recently shared a clip of a previous live performance where he fell off the stage just before he started his set. Sad right? He now joins AKA and many other artists who have fallen while performing on stage. We still can’t wait for a new release date for his previously announced single “Ghetto”.


I am still in pain 💔

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