Check Out Prince Kaybee’s 3rd Favourite Spot In His House, Filled With Accolades

Fans are thrilled as Prince Kaybee shares a photo of his 3rd fave spot in his house.

Literally everyone in Mzansi knows how hard Prince Kaybee works. Of course, when you’re an artist or DJ who’s in high demand, you’re going to want to always deliver. We are glad to say he does that so well.

Even with the pandemic, Kaybee has proven that he’s got star quality. He has dropped some amazing tunes back to back. The recent SAMAs virtual event saw bag him 9 nominations and four deserving wins. Although many tried to cramp his style, he still stood tall and weathered the storm.

After three months of being away from home, the “Fetch Your Life” star is back and showing off his 3rd fave spot in the house. This is honestly going to thrill you, because it looks like it’s one of our favourite spots too.

His 3rd fave spot features a shelf filled with awards, and drinks and more. It’s mind blowing because there’s a whole lot of them. We all know he snagged four SAMA awards this year, so that ought to have been added to his collection. With all the new music he’s dropped this year, there’s no doubt that he’ll win more.

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