Check Out The Adidas x Rich Mnisi First Collaboration

South Africa’s celebrity designer has reached a partnership with global sportswear brand Adidas and he’s more than chuffed about the partnership.

On the new deal, the celebrity designer noted he was “immensely proud” to have entered into a partnership with the iconic brand. It was especially significant because he’d know the brand from when he was much younger, and admired it.

According to Rich Mnisi, he and the Adidas brand have created a bright and unique collection that reflects his ideas of self-expression, individuality, heritage, and community.

Products from the collaborative collection include the Adidas x Headscarf, which is lightweight and made of chlorine-resistant materials. It retails for R849. Another is the Adidas x Rich Mnisi Tights, which is made of soft, stretchy cotton and retails for R749.

Others are the Adidas x Swimsuit, which peeps can snap off the shelf for R1199. With a colorful print that reflects the South African wildfire, this suit easily snaps attention.

The Adidas x UB22 bears the highest price from the collection, retailing at R3599

The partnership with Adidas is Rich Mnisi’s first major international partnership this year, and from the look of things, it might set the momentum for what follows.

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