Check Out Uncle Waffles’s “Asylum” Visualizers – “DJs Can Perform, Too”

“Asylum” is a recently released project by South African DJ and singer Uncle Waffles, While the project did not exactly reverberate across South Africa, it was still a winner among her fans, And now the songstress has added to the pleasures by adding a visual experience to it.

Yes, “Asylum” has a video centred around it. In a post on her verified Instagram page, the songstress introduced the latest addition to her fans while also shouting out those instrumental to its creation. She also affirmed she was the one who directed it all alongside two others

The visualiser for “Asylum” throbs with dance moments and Uncle Waffles herself was more than proud to show the same to the world. It appeared she wanted to let everyone know that DJs are not limited to the decks and turntables but can perform as well.

To her credit, the visualizer has been gaining traction among her fans, most of whom are excited about the energy she displayed with her dance moves in the clip, which you can check out at the end of this post.

Uncle Waffles rose to fame from vibing to the song of another artist. Many who were unimpressed with her rise at the time had given her a timeline to disappear, but she is still flying high. Some solidarity.

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