Check Out Viral Video Af A 4-Year-Old Rapping AKA’s “Jika” Hit

A clip of a 4-year-old singing AKA’s “Jika” popped online recently and went viral in no time. Many people who saw the clip were impressed by the kid’s rendering of the song and praised him for his gift.

Sadly, AKA is not here to see the kid charm his compatriots with a rendition of one of his notable numbers (a part of his “Touch My Blood” album of years ago). AKA was gunned down on February 10 this year just outside Wish restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. The motivation behind his assassination is yet to be determined and his assassins are yet to be found – a source of anger among his fans.

Anyway, if he were alive, he would certainly be proud of the beautiful delivery of his song by the kid.  Amanda Nkosi, who goes by the TikTok handle Mandy_Mandz, impressed her compatriots with her confident rapping of AKA’s bars. You can check out the clip below.


My lil supermega Fan#Aka fan❤️❤️❤️❤️

♬ original sound – Amanda Nkosi

AKA’s fans, collectively known as the Megacy hyped the kid to no end. Maybe – just maybe – beyond the rapping of AKA’s bars, the kid might end up a rapper in her own rights. Who knows? The coming days should give more clues. Stay tuned.

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