Cher Stuns At Paris Fashion Week With Boyfriend Alexander

Those who are in wonderful relationships are only too ready to share how beautiful love can be with the right partner. Sometimes, they don’t even need to share anything; All they need do is live their lives as lovers and the public will pick the beauties of their relationship.

We may have a splendid example in Cher and her boyfriend Alexander, who both showed up at the Paris Fashion Week and snagged attention with how they turned up.

The couple decided to wear similar outfits to the show, from denim to coats. The colours were in sync. But by far the biggest attention grabbed was the lavish smile Cher lavished as she walked, obviously chuffed in the company of her man.

Alexander himself appeared amped walking next to his ageless partner who is decades older than him. For the duo, it was more like a fashion week plus a good time.

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