China Charmeleon Is Giving Back To The Residents Of Caroline In Mpumalanga, Here Is How

Check out how Is Giving Back To The Residents Of Caroline In Mpumalanga.

A lot of times, we have heard of so many celebrities in the country giving back to the places they emerged from. Now, Mzansi artist, is the latest to do so. What he is doing for the residents of Caroline in Mpumalanga will blow your mind.

Taking to social media, Tshiamo Tshida Mosenyi shouted out Charmeleon for his selfless act of kindness toward the people of the small town, Caroline, Mpumalanga. He revealed that China told artists and families in the town to “fetch bread on Fridays” for free at a local bakery where he pays the bill monthly.

He revealed that China does this because he hustled in the past on an empty stomach which made him to quit music. We also hear that from 2016, he raised 5000 sanitary pads for girls in Caroline. Big ups to him.