China Plane Crash – Details You Should Know

No lover of life and humanity would want to be involved in an air mishap. The reality is quite sad, however: fate is a prankster, rarely ever doing the bidding of those on the material plane.

It was a chilling moment for passengers onboard a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 as the plane lost altitude, went in a vertical dive, and ultimately crashed on a remote mountainside.

So what happened? Details about the crash are pretty fuzzy right now. But here is what we know.

Flight MU5735 was heading to Guangzhou, Southern China, from Kunming, cruising at about 29,000 feet (8,839 meters), when it went into a sudden descent. After that, it continued to lose altitude and finally crashed into the hillside.

One hundred thirty-two (132) passengers were on board, and all of them were believed to have perished in the accident.

Many reasons have been adduced for the accident, including system failure, suicide, and even terrorist attack. Investigations are ongoing.

Following the crash, the airline had announced that it would ground all Boeing Boeing 737-800 jets from today (Tuesday, March 22). It also shared its condolences with the family of the bereaved.

The manufacturer of the aircraft, Boeing, noted that it was “deeply saddened” by the crash. It also admitted it’s in communication with the airline and the authorities.

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